What is TOA English

Meaning of TOA


The word, Toa in general means development of Body and mind.
The word TO is a Persian expression and means YOU.
The A is the short form and stands for Come or come in.
Therefore the word TOA means welcome or you are welcome to us.

TO’A is the mystery of Mankind:
TO’A is the world of movement : movement of power and the beauty.
Movement toward absolute justice and develop humanity and healthy in the society.
Motion to pure thoughts in which their secret lies in the language of soul.
TO’A is the language of folk, with which a gorgeous society can be built up.
TO’A is the way of wisdom through self-recognition and attempting to discover the own power.
It is the combination of physical and mental training which makes the essence of this path.
Combative Self-Defending techniques come together with meditation,
breathing and concentration techniques.
By means of TOA you try to further develop the body, mind and the soul, in order to gain
a new awareness of itself and its environment.


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